Statement of comprehensive income

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Consolidated statement of comprehensive incomeNote1 January – 31 December 20171 January – 31 December 2016 (restated) 1)
Net profit 4,2332,374
Other comprehensive income2566(125)
Subject to subsequent transfer to profit or loss 57(135)
Measurement of financial instruments available for sale 117(144)
Foreign exchange translation differences (71)40
Cash flow hedging 11(31)
Not to be reclassified to profit or loss in the future 910
Reclassification of real property from property, plant and equipment to investment property 23
Actuarial gains and losses related to provisions for employee benefits 77
Total net comprehensive income 4,2992,249
- comprehensive income attributable to equity holders of the Parent Company 2,8971,872
- comprehensive income attributed to holders of non-controlling interest 1,402377

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