50.7 Tax Group Agreement

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On 20 September 2017, a new Tax Group agreement was signed between 13 PZU Group companies: PZU, PZU Życie, Link4, PZU CO, PZU Pomoc SA, Ogrodowa-Inwestycje, PZU Zdrowie SA, Tulare Investments Sp. z o.o., Battersby Investments SA, Ipsilon Sp. z o.o., PZU Finanse Sp. z o.o., PZU LAB SA (formerly Omicron SA), Omicron Bis SA. The Tax Group was established for a period of 3 years – from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020 – and the Head of the First Mazowiecki Tax Office issued a registration decision on 21 November 2017.

Under the tax group agreement, PZU is the parent company representing the tax group. Pursuant to art. 25 sec. 1 of the CIT Act, the Tax Group performs settlements with the Tax Office on a monthly basis. PZU pays advances for corporate income tax that are due from all the companies to the Tax Office, while the companies transfer the CIT advances related to their business activities to PZU.


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