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Financial liabilities31 December 201731 December 2016
Financial liabilities measured at fair value4,9563,314
Derivatives held for trading2,606781
Cash flow hedge derivatives6826
Fair value hedge derivatives186-
Liabilities on borrowed securities (short sale)750654
Investment contracts for the client’s account and risk (unit-linked)312329
Liabilities to members of consolidated mutual funds4201,544
Financial liabilities measured at amortized cost219,55156,716
Liabilities to banks5,323503
Current deposits99632
One-day deposits3721
Term deposits311-
Loans received3,380305
Other liabilities264165
Liabilities to clients198,16348,472
Current deposits122,95625,791
Term deposits74,45322,160
Other liabilities754521
Liabilities on the issue of own debt securities9,5676,469
Subordinated liabilities5,3191,027
Liabilities on account of repurchase transactions1,167178
Investment contracts with guaranteed and fixed terms and conditions167
Finance lease liabilities11-
Total financial liabilities224,50760,030

Financial liabilities by maturity31 December 201731 December 2016
Up to 1 year206,15851,783
1 to 5 years11,7587,195
Over 5 years6,5911,052
Total financial liabilities by maturity224,50760,030


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