26.2 Quantitative data

Reference Areas:
Best Pratices in PZU

Goodwill31 December 201731 December 2016
Alior Bank746746
Lietuvos Draudimas AB 1)462489
Mass insurance segment in non-life insurance (Link4)221221
AAS Balta3740
Medical companies9082
Total goodwill3,8391,583

1) Includes goodwill on acquisition of the Lietuvos Draudimas branch in Estonia.

Movement in goodwill1 January – 31 December 20171 January – 31 December 2016
Gross goodwill at the beginning of the period1,5981,537
Changes in the period:2,25561
- acquisition of Pekao1,586-
- acquisition of PIM692-
- acquisition of other entities842
- foreign exchange differences(31)19
Gross goodwill at the end of the period3,8531,598
Impairment losses at the beginning of the period(15)(5)
Changes in the period:1(10)
- impairment losses for SKOK-(10)
- foreign exchange differences1-
Impairment loss – at the end of the period(14)(15)
Net goodwill at the end of the period3,8391,583

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