33.3 Financial assets available for sale

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Financial instruments available for sale include financial instruments not classified in other categories.

Instruments included in this category are measured at fair value, in accordance with the rules described in section 9.1. The difference between the fair value at the end of the reporting period and the purchase price is recognized directly in revaluation reserve. In the case of debt securities, interest calculated using an effective interest rate is recognized under “Net investment income”, while the difference between the fair value and amortized cost value is recognized in revaluation reserve.

If financial instruments available for sale are sold then the revaluation capital attributable to them is derecognized and posted under “Net result on realization and impairment losses on financial assets”.


Financial assets available for sale31 December 201731 December 2016 (restated)
Equity instruments664434
Quoted on a regulated market262132
Not quoted on a regulated market402302
Debt securities47,85511,218
Government securities33,6497,981
Fixed rate20,7535,144
Floating rate11,7942,448
Fixed rate1,102389
Quoted on a regulated market69437
Fixed rate69437
Not quoted on a regulated market13,5123,200
Fixed rate 1)13,0772,611
Floating rate435589
Total financial instruments available for sale48,51911,652

1) including NBP money bills of PLN 13,066 million (PLN 2,600 million as at 31 December 2016).


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