5.1 Changes in accounting policies and estimates, errors from previous years

Annual Report 2017 > Results 2017 > Supplementary information and notes > 5.1 Changes in accounting policies and estimates, errors from previous years
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The accounting policies are changed only if the change:

  • is required by an IFRS; or
  • results in the financial statements providing reliable and more relevant information about the effects of transactions, other events or conditions on the Group’s financial position, financial performance or cash flows.

Changes in accounting policies associated with the initial application of an IFRS are accounted for in accordance with the specific transitional provisions contained in that IFRS. If a change in accounting policies is made in connection with the initial application of an IFRS that does not include specific transitional provisions applying to that change, or a change is made voluntarily then the entity will apply the change retrospectively. A retrospective introduction of changes in accounting policies is made by adjusting, in the statement of financial position, of the opening balance of each affected component of equity for the earliest prior period presented and by disclosing other comparative data for each period as if the changed accounting policies had always been applied.

Any items of the financial statements presented based on an estimate may need revision if changes occur in the circumstances on which the estimate was based or as a result of new information or more experience.

The effect of a change in an accounting estimate is recognized prospectively, which means that the change is applied to transactions, other events and conditions from the date of the change in estimate (the change may affect only the current period’s profit or loss, or the profit or loss of both the current period and future periods).

An assumption is made that errors are corrected in the period in which they were committed (rather than discovered), hence any significant prior period errors are corrected retrospectively and the resulting differences are charged to equity.


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