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Consolidated profit and loss accountNote1 January – 31 December 20171 January – 31 December 2016 (restated) 1)
Gross written premiums1022,84720,219
Reinsurers’ share in gross written premium (612)(431)
Net written premiums 22,23519,788
Movement in net provision for unearned premiums (881)(1,163)
Net earned premium 21,35418,625
Revenue from commissions and fees112,341817
Net investment income129,0514,111
Net result on realization and impairment losses on investments13(960)(935)
Net movement in fair value of assets and liabilities measured at fair value14411335
Other operating income151,1781,336
Claims, benefits and movement in technical provisions (15,376)(12,888)
Reinsurers’ share in claims, benefits and movement in technical provisions 435156
Net insurance claims and benefits16(14,941)(12,732)
Fee and commission expense17(557)(273)
Interest expense18(1,365)(697)
Acquisition expenses19(2,901)(2,613)
Administrative expenses20(5,364)(2,923)
Other operating expenses22(2,737)(2,060)
Operating profit 5,5102,991
Share of the net financial results of entities measured by the equity method 16(3)
Profit before tax 5,5262,988
Income tax23(1,293)(614)
Net profit, including: 4,2332,374
- profit attributable to the equity holders of the Parent Company 2,9101,935
- profit (loss) attributed to holders of non-controlling interest 1,323439
Weighted average basic and diluted number of common shares24863,519,608863,510,930
Basic and diluted profit (loss) per common share (in PLN)243.372.24

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