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Best Pratices in PZU

Technical provisions31 December 201731 December 2016
 grossreinsurers’ sharenetgrossreinsurers’ sharenet
Technical provisions in non-life insurance22,000(1,250)20,75020,388(990)19,398
Provision for unearned premiums7,877(466)7,4116,957(377)6,580
Provision for unexpired risk37(3)3426-26
Provisions for outstanding claims and benefits8,301(585)7,7167,730(421)7,309
- for reported claims3,187(533)2,6542,992(371)2,621
- for claims not reported (IBNR)3,348(41)3,3072,979(29)2,950
- for claims handling expenses1,766(11)1,7551,759(21)1,738
Provision for the capitalized value of annuities5,776(190)5,5865,673(192)5,481
Provisions for bonuses and discounts for insureds9(6)32-2
Technical provisions in life insurance22,558-22,55821,806-21,806
Provision for unearned premiums94-9493-93
Life insurance provision16,060-16,06015,928-15,928
Provisions for outstanding claims and benefits597-597542-542
- for reported claims153-153156-156
- for claims not reported (IBNR)437-437380-380
- for claims handling expenses7-76-6
Provisions for bonuses and discounts for insureds5-53-3
Other technical provisions287-287323-323
Unit-linked provision5,515-5,5154,917-4,917
Total technical provisions44,558(1,250)43,30842,194(990)41,204

The above table also contains the amounts of life insurance provisions recognized for the legacy portfolio, in the following amounts:

Technical provisions for the legacy portfolio31 December 201731 December 2016
Life insurance provisions401419
Other technical provisions121134
- low interest rate provision4790
- litigation reserve7444
IBNR and RBNP reserve22
Total provisions for the legacy portfolio524555

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