48.4 Presentation of transactions with State Treasury’s related parties

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Transactions with subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates of the State Treasury were predominantly non-life insurance agreements, life insurance agreements and investment contracts. Such transactions are concluded and settled on terms and conditions available to customers, who are not related parties. Receivables from and liabilities to parties related to the State Treasury under insurance contracts are usually short-term.   

Because of the usefulness of such information, the PZU Group decided to disclose the value of the written premium and volumes from investment contracts arising out of the largest transactions with the subsidiaries of the State Treasury.

Gross written premium 1) from largest customers of the PZU Group that are subsidiaries of the State Treasury


Customer1 January – 31 December 2017Customer1 January – 31 December 2016
Customer 120Customer 2169
Customer 219Customer 676
Customer 38Customer 79
Customer 47Customer 87
Customer 57Customer 92

1) This item includes gross written premium in non-life insurance (from direct insurance and inward reinsurance from entities of the customer’s group), life insurance and volumes in investment contracts.


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