16.1 Accounting policy

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The expenses of the reporting period include all the costs of claims and benefits paid under the concluded insurance contracts with direct and indirect claims handling expenses and movement in provision for outstanding claims and benefits.

16.1.1 Non-life insurance

In non-life insurance costs of claims and benefits are reduced by all the salvage and subrogation received and by the movement in estimated salvage and subrogation.

16.1.2 Life insurance

Benefits paid include all payments and deductions made during the reporting period for benefits incurred during the reporting period and previous periods (including annuities and surrenders) and all direct and indirect, external and internal claim handling expenses. Claims handling expenses also include expenses related to disputes.

The value of benefits is recognized at the amount actually paid out, after deducting returns and refunds (except for outward reinsurance refunds), plus the movement in the provision for unpaid claims, less the reinsurers’ share in claims paid and in provisions.


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