13.2 Quantitative data

Reference Areas:
Best Pratices in PZU

Net result on realization and impairment losses on investments1 January – 31 December 20171 January – 31 December 2016
Net result on realization of investments247(93)
Financial assets measured at fair value through profit or loss – classified as such upon first recognition, including:(14)(21)
Equity instruments(34)90
Debt securities20(111)
Financial assets held for trading, including:261(131)
Equity instruments11388
Debt securities(26)(8)
Financial assets available for sale, including:2776
Equity instruments(8)6
Debt securities3570
Receivables, including receivables due under insurance contracts(68)(55)
Investment property1013
Impairment losses(1,207)(842)
Financial assets available for sale, including:7(8)
Equity instruments-(1)
Debt securities7(7)
Loans, including:(1,138)(801)
Debt securities49(33)
Loan receivables from clients(1,187)(768)
Entities measured by the equity method – EMC 1)(12)(14)
Goodwill of acquired credit unions-(10)
Total net result on realization and impairment losses on investments(960)(935)

1) Additional information on the measurement of EMC and the impairment test is presented in item 32.3.

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