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Receivables – carrying amount31 December 201731 December 2016 (restated)
Receivables on direct insurance, including:2,4822,233
- receivables from policyholders2,3201,996
- receivables from insurance intermediaries134213
- other receivables2824
Reinsurance receivables6876
Other receivables6,5463,355
- receivables from disposal of securities and security deposits 1)4,6582,413
- receivables on account of payment card settlements716202
- trade receivables295148
Receivables from the state budget, other than corporate income tax receivables10055
- receivables from debt factoring68-
- prevention settlements5847
- receivables from direct claims handling on behalf of other insurance undertakings2940
- disputed settlements7-
- receivables for acting as an emergency adjuster1211
- receivables on account of Corporate Income Tax5716
- receivables from purchase price allocation of the acquisition of Bank BPH’s Core Business9494
- receivables from security and bid deposits9112
- other361317
Total receivables9,0965,664

1) this line item presents receivables associated with executed but outstanding transactions on financial instruments.

As at 31 December 2017 and 31 December 2016, the fair value of receivables did not differ significantly from their carrying amount, primarily due to their short-term nature and the policy of recognizing impairment losses.

Receivables by contractual maturity31 December 201731 December 2016 (restated)
Up to 1 year 1)9,0385,388
1 to 5 years55267
Over 5 years39
Total receivables by contractual maturity9,0965,664

1) Including past due receivables


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