43. Other liabilities

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Other liabilities31 December 201731 December 2016 (restated)
Accrued expenses1,4621,182
Accrued expenses of agency commissions336301
Accrued sales commission expenses in group insurance810
Accrued payroll expenses160170
Accrued reinsurance expenses367432
Accrued employee bonuses320149
Deferred revenue354152
Other liabilities7,2293,657
Liabilities due under transactions on financial instruments1,772932
Liabilities to banks for payment documents cleared in interbank clearing systems2,125593
Liabilities on direct insurance840849
Liabilities on account of payment card settlements43765
Regulatory settlements15167
Liabilities for contributions to the Bank Guarantee Fund8010
Reinsurance liabilities140133
Estimated non-insurance liabilities126119
Liabilities to employees163165
Estimated refunds of compensation in connection with banks’ clients lapsing or withdrawing from insurance purchased during the sale of credit products12171
Trade liabilities32091
Current income tax liabilities390225
Liabilities to the state budget other than for income tax11056
Liabilities on account of donations2834
Liabilities on account of non-market lease contracts1432
Alior Bank’s liabilities for insurance of bank products offered to the bank’s clients1723
Insurance Indemnity Fund1616
Liabilities for direct claims handling1413
Other liabilities, total9,0454,991

As at 31 December 2017 and 31 December 2016, the fair value of other liabilities did not differ significantly from their carrying amount, primarily due to the fact that more than 95% were short-term liabilities.

Other liabilities by maturity31 December 201731 December 2016 (restated)
Up to 1 year8,7304,808
1 to 5 years269181
Over 5 years462
Total other liabilities by maturity9,0454,991

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